Although Listen to Lead is a one-woman organization, I rarely work alone.  I am grateful to count these people among my colleagues, mentors, thought-partners and pals.

Nehrwr Abdul-Wahid

Nehrwr (pronounced "nay-wah") Abdul-Wahid is a highly sought after consultant, trainer, and facilitator of what he describes as “much needed empathetic and compassionate dialogue with the goal of being more effective in how we work with and across our differences.” He is founder of One Ummah Consulting.

Phyllis Braxton

Phyllis Braxton's mission is to assist individuals and organizations develop cross-cultural relationships amongst their employees and their customers for greater effectiveness. Phyllis is founder of Pink Consulting, LLC.

Tyrai Bronson-Pruitt

Tyrai Bronson-Pruitt has been engaged in social justice since her teenage years. She strives to empower others to recognize and celebrate differences in order to create change in the individual and their communities. 

julius erolin

julius erolin has more than 20 years of experience helping individuals and organizations leverage the value of differences to achieve better results and improve performance. He is founder of Erolin Solutions.

Trina Olson

For the past fifteen years, Trina Olson has served as a movement leader, activist and organizer. Olson brings a wealth of strategy, management and messaging expertise to her work. She is co-founder of Team Dynamics, LLC.

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Joanne Reeck

Joanne Reeck believes that providing individuals and organizations with the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to work effectively across cultures leads to environments where all are affirmed in the entirety of their identities and able to reach their full potential. She is founder of United for Change, LLC.

Alfonso Wenker

Alfonso is a dynamic, engaging, practical and highly sought after trainer and facilitator. His work focuses on strategy development, diversity/equity/inclusion, team building, leadership development and self-awareness. He is co-founder of Team Dynamics, LLC.

Mary Jo Wimmer

Mary Jo is founder of Trillium Leadership Development, whose mission is to provide direction, problem-solving and leadership development to businesses, churches, non-profits and communities in rural Minnesota.  

Beth Zemsky

As a community organizer, educator, psychotherapist and organizational leader, Beth Zemsky comes to her work with a continued commitment to engage people in learning activities that move them into understanding critical social and cultural issues. She is founder of Zemsky and Associates.

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