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Here are some examples of  projects I've led for organizations.

Board Diversification Initiative

Audience: Board of a regional nonprofit organization


Process: Six skill-building and coaching sessions over six months​


Participants came away from the process with:

  • Shared language and framework for board members to discuss diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

  • Guided process to articulate which elements of diversity are most mission-critical to expand within the board and how those efforts will improve board decisions

  • Increased capacity to notice, name and shift board-specific cultural patterns that weren’t yet aligned with their values of inclusion and belonging

  • A differentiated plan for new board member recruitment


Intercultural Organizational Development

Audience: All staff team of a financial services nonprofit


Process: interviews; focus groups; DEI-specific "Themes + Opportunities" report; goal setting facilitation; group coaching; individual coaching; large-group training and facilitation over a period of two years

Participants came away from the process with:

  • Shared meaning on organizational goals and the elements of the organizational culture they’d need in order to reach those goals

  • Sharpened skills to notice, name and leverage differences including race, gender, sexuality and more, in service of the organization’s internal and external goals

  • Shared framework to understand and navigate varied dimensions of power 

  • Revised organizational policies and practices to better align with their values of equity and justice 

  • Deeper trust, cohesion and effectiveness as a team


Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Curriculum Development and "Train-the-Trainer"

Audience: Staff and volunteer leaders of a national professional association in the for-profit sector

Process: Three-year process of designing, piloting and refining industry-specific Diversity, Equity and Inclusion curriculum, followed by training association leaders to deliver the curriculum to their members

Participants came away from the process with:

  • A nationally recognized, industry-specific Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training program that includes two foundational workshops and a nine-session advanced cohort model

  • Internal capacity of the membership association leaders to deliver mission-critical content to their members without the added cost of consistently hiring outside consultants

  • An industry-wide framework to help members across the USA address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion related goals and challenges


Organizational Culture Healing

Audience: All staff team of a direct service nonprofit organization 


Process: Group staff coaching sessions and 1:1 coaching with leadership, concentrated work for six months and follow-up quarterly sessions

Participants came away from the process with:

  • Shared meaning about the anti-racist culture the organization needed to co-create in order to achieve their mission

  • Increased awareness of how individuals have been impacted by, and implicated in, the old organizational cultural patterns 

  • A practice of centering the voices of team members of Color who were/are most impacted by racism in the organization

  • Shared commitment and motivation for team members to do their own work to shift the organizational culture through reflection, co-mentorship and coaching

  • A new, anti-racist organizational culture that supports the organization’s mission, vision and values 

  • An increased capacity of leadership to embody + maintain this culture, as demonstrated by increased staff trust in leadership and greater team capacity to work together to navigate the challenges of their jobs

  • Deeper trust, cohesion and effectiveness as a team


Equity + Justice Skill Building Cohort

Audience: Select medical providers and business leaders operating within a health care system


Process: Design and implementation of a seven-session cohort program focused on healthcare-specific issues around Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; convened meetings with Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee to inform cohort design and coach the core internal change-makers in the organization

Participants came away from the process with:

  • A critical mass of leaders across the organization with shared frameworks and foundational skills related to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Shifted policies and practices that better align with the health system's values of equity and justice


White Women's Cohort to Combat White Supremacy + White Nationalism

Audience: Neighborhood-affiliated white women who wanted to grow their capacity to dismantle white supremacy and white nationalism 

Process: Design and delivery of one retreat and four follow-up sessions that spoke to the cohort's unique context, goals and challenges

Participants came away from the process with: 

  • A supportive network of relationships among a similarly-identified cohort who are committed to dismantling white supremacy and white nationalism

  • Increased analysis and skills to notice, name and intervene in white supremacy within themselves, their interactions, institutions and society at-large

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