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Your team values equity and justice. But you're not always sure how to align your actions, policies and practices with your values. Listen to Lead can help.


Through coaching, training, facilitation and deep listening, Listen to Lead builds your awareness and capacity to catalyze and sustain real change that is grounded in healing, justice and liberation.


Working towards justice and liberation means changing systems. Structural racism, sexism and other systems of oppression were built on purpose, exist in the air we breathe and are hurting all of us. It's crucial to understand how these systems manifest on an individual, interpersonal, organizational and societal level in order to dismantle them.

Relationships matter. We do this work together, in relationship with each other.  We're intentional about growing, healing and deepening relationships at all points in the process.   

We start with self-awareness. The way in which we experience the world is ONE way, not THE way. Only when we can begin to understand the unique lens through which we experience the world can we begin to truly honor the different identities, experiences and perspectives of others.

We talk about power. Power always matters. However, we are often unpracticed at naming it and navigating it. We learn a shared framework for understanding power so that we can leverage it on purpose in pursuit of our equity goals.

This work is developmental. It’s based on the assumption that we’re all doing the best we can with the skills, awareness and experiences we have. Listen to Lead uses Dr. Mitch Hammer’s Intercultural Development Continuum to identify your growth-edge and build from there.


Our bodies are our greatest teachers. Our bodies carry wisdom that we often don't know or remember how to heed or that white supremacy and patriarchy have conspired to make us ignore.  Lasting change demands that we include a practice of body awareness and deep listening in our work. 


We learn by doing. Real organizational change happens when we get in the weeds and work together to apply the skills we've learned. We do this by deconstructing, critically analyzing, then reconstructing one policy, practice or program at a time.


Capacity building is key. We must have the skills and mindsets within our team or organization to eventually do this work ourselves. This work builds those capacities at every turn.

Leadership is a practice.  It's a way of showing up that is about owning our impact on a group. It's a practice that we must choose in every moment.  Everyone can practice leadership because everyone has something important to offer their organization or community. 

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