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“Sara brought/brings a refreshing and aptly challenging kind of attention to the human part of collaboration and building teams, and she expands and complicates the dimensions of working for social justice.” - J

"Sara is one of the most conscientious, grounded, and wise coaches and healing practitioners I have had the honor of working with and learning from. She has a wealth of knowledge and brings skillful discernment, compassion, openness, and inner and outer vision to everything she does." - S

“I have had the honor of working with Sara as both a coach and a trainer. Simply put: Sara is a gift. From the moment I met Sara (virtually at that!), I have always felt seen and heard. The work we do together is a grind and Sara keeps it real no matter what I may throw her way. When I'm feeling caught up by something, I often turn to material I've learned from Sara to get "unstuck." Sara is also incredibly kind and gentle in her approach, which opened a critical door to my leadership development: vulnerability. And, perhaps most importantly of all to me, I've felt safe with Sara, while also being held accountable in my position of power, particularly as a white woman. Sara consistently challenges me to remember who I am and to step into that. As a result, I've become a more aligned, consistent and steady leader - a leader with boundaries - and a leader that is now committed to the daily practice of being curious about the experiences of those around her. And I'm eternally grateful.” -M

“One of my notebook entries that I reference often was from a session with Sara. The session was deep yet basic, revolutionary yet simple. Sara helped bring me back to myself. I’m grateful for her gift of grounding and listening and suggestion. I experience Sara as wise beyond her years.” - S

"Sara has a deep, grounded, and warm presence that makes doing hard things more possible. I have worked with her both as a coach, supporting me untangle power dynamics at work, and as a craniosacral therapy practitioner. Sara leads with clear and consent-based communication and practices. It has been an honor to know and be supported by her." - L

“Sara has fundamentally shaped the way in which I approach my work on an intellectual and interpersonal level.  Her ability to perceive and address the needs of others is astounding and I think it helps to explain why she is capable of making everyone around her perform at a higher level.” - D

"Sara's listening, group facilitation, and thus her leadership abilities, are unparalleled.” - E


“Sara is an amazing facilitator and trainer. She brings great passion and energy to her work.  She is confident and conveys genuine warmth. She is able to read the room and make adjustments to better serve the group.  I have witnessed community groups make significant strides in their efforts with her as their facilitator.” - V

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